Can And Should You Diversify Your Positions

The first you need to ensure that you are following the 10% of your account max loss rule. This rule states that the max loss of one single trade should not exceed 10% of your account size. However, if you aren't comfortable with 10% then use less. I personally use 5% of my account per trade because I am not a fan of risk.

However, when it comes down to have much of your account should be in trades, that is a personal preference based on your risk tolerance level.

Here's what I personally do

  • 20-40% of my account in correlated trades (assets that move together)
  • 10-30% of my account in uncorrelated trades (assets that do the opposite)
  • 40-70% of my account in cash (to have a cushion to reinvest if you lose)

You should diversify your positions or size down if are uncomfortable with the risk being taken.

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