How Do I Get The Trending Band On Tradingview?

The Trending Band by default is shown on the software chart which means you do not need the Trending Band on Tradingview UNLESS you want advanced charting features like short term frames, drawing tools and more.

Follow these steps to get access on Tradingview:

  1. Create a free Tradingview account here!
  2. Go to profile settings on Tradingview
  3. Create and save a custom username
  4. Go to the Impeccable Stock Software here!
  5. Click on your profile picture
  6. Click on your settings
  7. Under profile settings, go to the advanced Chart Features
  8. Type in your custom username from Tradingview
  9. Wait for at least 12 hours (not including weekends)
  10. Visit Tradingview and go to indicators
  11. Under indicators, the Trending Band should be found under invite only script
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